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 Free Videos:

Please find the bellow free VIDEO's:-            SharePoint -2010 Technology Videos:-

 Business Process Automotion Training 

Creating Work-flows under SharePoint Designer-2010


 TitleAbstract Duration
Creating Reusable Workflow

Reusable workflow creating under sharepoint designer-2010 for your site collection. You can create powerful workflow list or Reusable workflow or Site workflow with a designing environment. This video is focusing to create reusable workflow.

14 Minutes 


Mobile Apps Development Training VIDEO's for Android:

Application ConfigurationAndroid Jumpstart Package application configuration 14 Minutes 



 Demonstration how to develop apps using Eclipse and Android SDK 


14 Minutes 


Mobile Apps Development Training VIDEO's for iPhone and iPad

 iOS configuration                  Apple Operating system configuration and registration process  for iOS5                                                                                                                                     14 Minutes 
ApplicationDemonstration session for iPhone apps development using windows operating system  14 Minutes




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